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It was a rocky journey.

I have been working on a project regarding effects of number of flood events, population density and meteorological data on Number of Dengue incidents in Malaysia. Obviously, to do so, I have been finding ways to gather the necessary data. Since it’s my first ‘serious’ project, it opened my eyes on how difficult it is to gather the necessary data in Malaysia.

Meteorological data

There are 2 types of meteorological data that I have to gather. Historical meteorological data for all states (last 5 years) and forecasted meteorological data in 2021. The data is expected to contain…


In this project, I was given the dataset for Global Bike Inc. (GBI), a bike company founded by John Davis and Peter Schwarz in 2001 through the merge of Heidelberg Composites and Frankenstein Bikes.

** GBI is a fictitious company created by Epistemy Press books.


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I’ve got this data from Kaggle containing car catalog from Belarus, scraped from web resources. This dataset can be used to model a used car prediction model. All procedures from data pre-processing to exploratory data analysis are carried out using SAS OnDemand for Academics.

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A beginner’s project on writing Python codes that mimics an ATM machine function for — password creation, cash deposit, cash withdrawal, view customer transaction history, search customer profile and create customer profile.

The government has recently announced that all PTPN loan holders are eligible to extend their loans for 3 more months, from Jan 2021 to March 2021. Previously, they have extended payment terms from March 2020 to December 2020. While the previous extension was automatically granted for all loan holders, the latest 3 months extension require loan holders to apply online.

In order to apply, you’ll have to fill up an online form here.

You are required to provide the IC of loan holder, and loan ID. Huh? loan ID? Exactly. I was confused what loan ID was about as well…

Some time ago I had my ruptured cyst removed. I remember lying on the hospital bed in the emergency center, feeling rather lost because I have no idea why I was feeling pain on my lower abdominal area. The next day when I was ‘suspected’ to have a cyst I tried googling around for someone’s experience on it but I couldn’t really find any information that I needed. …


It’s been 1 month since I left my full time position of 4 years+. I’m going to admit, it wasn’t really an easy decision to make especially during this pandemic situation. Everything is so uncertain, and with recession and economic downturn happening around the globe, I wasn’t sure if I would ever regret my decision.

I was last working as a Key Accounts team lead in a manufacturing company in the science industry. My daily tasks involve attending queries from strategic customer accounts and handling basic project management assistance with the help from my team. I work closely with…

If you visit Singapore frequently, you would be aware that upon arrival, you are required to provide the embarkation/ disembarkation card (DE Card) at the immigration. It should look like the following:

DE Card

However, the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority has recently made a change on this. You are now able to submit the Electronic Arrival Card within 14 days before your arrival.

Here’s how to do it.

Just download a mobile application known as ‘SG Arrival Card’ from either the App Store or Google play, and submit the information per stated in the application.


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