Chest X-ray image

Can you guess whether the X-ray image above belongs to someone with or without COVID-19? To be honest, I have no idea. But today, let’s create a CNN model which is able to classify these X-ray images !

Let’s get started!

Here’s where I got my dataset. And I have referred to this for the project.

The dataset was split into train, test and validation sets. For test and validation dataset, 60 images from each class will be used. There are 4 classes in the dataset: Normal, Viral Pneumonia, COVID, and Lung Opacity.

Image augmentation was further carried out for…

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Hey guys ! My classes officially ended last week. I have started my job search since a month ago and let’s just say the journey wasn’t quite a smooth ride.

Anyhoo, it’s not something within my control for now. But what I can do is brushing up my skills ! I have learn SQL during my course through SAS but it’s been a while since I used it. While searching for some refreshers I came across this ! A SQL Murder Mystery created by knight lab. It’s a pretty fun way to learn SQL I would say. …

Fact. The longest streak I have managed to stay at home is close to 3 months. And I am glad I can still find activities to do on a daily basis.

What about you?

COVID-19 has changed our lifestyle so much ! Instead of buying new clothes and shoes, I assume these days people would incline towards buying snacks or home improvement ! Would love to gather some data to analyze that!

Anyway, did you know that Google offers data from their Google Map for you to visualize how your community is moving around differently due to COVID-19? …

Truth is, I have been exhausted working on projects and assignments for the past few months. At some point, I just wanted to stop doing everything. I am almost a year in my course now and I gotta admit, the learning curve has been really steep for me. While it’s been fun learning all the new skill sets, I felt that I have been working on new things tirelessly without any gaps in between. That’s when I know I need to have a break. What’s more fun than applying your new skills on something that you like?

I’m a big…

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What if I tell you there’s an interesting way in having fun while contributing to the data world? Yes ! It’s true. Have you heard of Quick, Draw! It’s an online game developed by Google that gathers picture drawn by players and then using Neural Network AI, the model tries to guess what the drawings represents.

Now, let’s get started!

First, we call the necessary libraries:

Number of Flood Incidence Between 2015–2020.

Hello World ! It’ been a while since I posted. Truth is, I got lazy blogging. But ! The momentum is up again and hopefully I’ll be posting more from now on. Anyhoo, it’s the job seeking season again ! In fact, yours truly will be graduating in September. I have started my job search recently and decided to update my old, dusty looking resume. I thought it would be great to apply the skills I learnt in creating a resume.

Tableau, I choose you !

I chance upon this blogpost by Ken Flerlage and thought it would be absolutely…

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It was a rocky journey.

I have been working on a project regarding effects of number of flood events, population density and meteorological data on Number of Dengue incidents in Malaysia. Obviously, to do so, I have been finding ways to gather the necessary data. Since it’s my first ‘serious’ project, it opened my eyes on how difficult it is to gather the necessary data in Malaysia.

Meteorological data

There are 2 types of meteorological data that I have to gather. Historical meteorological data for all states (last 5 years) and forecasted meteorological data in 2021. The data is expected to contain…


从我的视野分享我爱的一切。Hey, how are you today?

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